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Our Story.

Chioma May Odiakosa , Founder of Star Beer USA

Nigerian Born & Raised

“Growing up in Nigeria, my wonderful father who was a community leader always had people over to our house; Star Lager Beer was the drink of choice that he served all our visitors. He described Star Lager Beer as the beer of Kings. He is right.“

Driven by Passion & Community

“As my father’s daughter, family and community come first. He taught me hard work, kindness, to never stop dreaming, to always look for the light in every situation. I want to inspire and encourage all to reach for the sky.”

Minority-Owned, Purpose-Driven

“Star Beer USA is a minority-owned business we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to cervical cancer research in the memory of my sister Ngozi Okaka, who passed in 2019 with cancer, and other charities.“