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Star Beer

Chioma May Odiakosa, Founder of Star Beer USA

Star Beer Celebrates Women

Star Beer Celebrates Women’s History Month

The month of March is Women’s History Month! There are so many times throughout the year where we set aside time to honor the women we know and love. This is yet another great occasion to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, female relatives, wives, girlfriends, friends, and all the women that we know that add so much joy to our lives.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Every day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the women that you know and let them be reminded that you appreciate all that they are and all that they do! Why restrict all of your love and your attention to just birthdays, holidays, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and so on? Women’s History month lasts all of March and is a great reminder to not only witness how far women have come, but to support women who are in our lives, who run businesses, and who continue to showcase just how capable, strong, and intelligent women can be.

Star Beer USA: A Black and Woman Owned Business

Star Beer knows the importance of supporting women and giving them a chance to thrive firsthand! Star Beer is a premium lager that is cold-filtered and brewed to perfection using natural ingredients for a crisp and smooth taste and a foamy head. It is the top-selling beer in Nigeria and Star Beer USA is a woman owned business. Since sales have expanded to the United States, Star Beer is proud to be not only a female and black owned business but the first beer to enter the market in America as a beer company owned by a black woman.

There’s no denying that a cold beer can be just what you sometimes need, and now the beer that Nigeria loves has expanded to be available beyond its home! This fine lager is easy to identify, with its distinctive green glass bottle and blue label with a star helping it to stand out. It’s not just the packaging that is drawing people in, however. Word of mouth is beginning to spread from those that have tasted this beer and were delighted by its refreshing taste and mouthfeel. Star Beer goes through a specific cold-filtered brewing process and multiple quality checks to ensure every bottle is of the highest standard.

Lovers of the lager variety are finding out about Star Lager from their friends, from family, from beer forums, articles, word of mouth, and by walking into their supermarkets and seeing it on the shelves. If you drink beer and are a fan of lagers, you have to give this one a try– particularly if you’re located on the west coast and in sunny California, where the crispness of this lager will pair perfectly with the warm weather, the side of the pool, or by the ocean. With not only quality but quantity with more beer in their larger bottles, try this lager and you’ll begin to see exactly why this is the number one beer in Nigeria. Find where it is stocked closest to you by searching Star Beer USA!

Fighting to Get Women Access to Healthcare

Nigeria is a beautiful place, and in honor of Women’s History month, Star Beer would like to celebrate by helping women in Nigeria get access to healthcare. Having access to healthcare can be difficult for many women around the world, and Nigeria is no different. We believe that not being able to afford healthcare should not bar you from receiving proper care. Money should not be a deciding factor, but lack of money is often the main obstacle that these women face. To celebrate women this March and to give back in a meaningful way, Star Beer USA’s founders are donating some profits from Star Beer sales to further cervical cancer awareness as well as to provide 1,000 women with pap-smears to them free of charge.

This is just one small step that is the beginning of a further initiative from the company to support women’s healthcare. While healthcare is available in Nigeria, it is often so expensive that it prohibits others from seeking treatment, checkups, or routine exams that could lead to catching illnesses or disease before they advance, giving women a chance to stay healthy and maintain quality of life. Women deserve to have access to this type of care in every country and corner of the world. Star Beer is starting here and reaching out to women to give them support and tangible ways to get access to care that is important for them.

We are proud to be part of the fight to provide proper healthcare for women. While there can be a stigma against women seeking healthcare, we believe in the importance of Nigerian women being able to take control of their own health and their own future and getting access to physicians and medical care.

Committing to Supporting Women and Their Right to Healthcare

While many already know about the great taste and quality of Star Lager, we hope to also be known as a friend to women and our local communities. Star Beer’s founders have committed to supporting women’s healthcare. Stay tuned to find out more about events supporting healthcare for women that will be happening at least three times yearly starting in May and how you can help to make a difference!

Whether you’ve had Star Beer’s lagers before and have fallen in love with their smooth, cold-filtered taste, or have yet to try, this lager is always satisfying, whether at the end of a long hot day or anytime you need a cool and refreshing drink. Try one and you will quickly see why Nigeria is so enthusiastic about this lager! Now we want to give back to the people that live where we call home.

Star Beer is Proud to Help Women

We believe in the right of all people to have access to quality healthcare. We are so proud to announce our intent to be active and work to help support women and their access to healthcare who need it. We hope that others are inspired to reach out and help to create positive change in their own community. Happy Women’s History Month from Star Beer!

Finding Star Beer Near you

Known around the world as “The Beer of Kings”, crisp and bubbly Star Lager Beer is anticipating further expansion and growth, and is coming soon to a location near you. To Find Where we are currently available please visit our Star Beer Locations page or you can order a 6-pack online through Great American Craft Spirits 

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