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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Star Lager Beer

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Star Lager Beer

June 24, 2021 Valerie Ortega

If you were craving a cold one in the 70s, you had only a few domestic beers to choose from. Enter Heineken. When the Dutch brand positioned itself as an alternative to the diluted macro brews that Americans were used to sipping, others followed. By the end of the 80s, refrigerators were stocked with imports from all over Europe.

Today, some of the most popular beers still come from Europe. Just because such brands are widely enjoyed, though, doesn’t mean they’re the best. If your tastebuds have grown tired of the same old flavors but your palate prefers imports, why not try a smooth brew from Africa?

Hailing from Nigeria, Star Lager Beer has been enjoyed by kings and commoners alike since 1949 and it’s finally available in the United States!

Here are some of the biggest reasons to get a bottle (or six) of Star Lager Beer the next time your fridge needs restocking:

10. It’s refreshing and light.

Unlike some imports, Star Lager Beer won’t leave you feeling sluggish and bloated after just one bottle. Considering its African origins, it’s no surprise that its crisp flavor profile was designed with warm climates in mind. Crack a cold one and pour it into a frosted glass, and you’re sure to beat the heat with every sip.

9. it’s smooth and crisp.

Star Beer has a rich foam head and is light on the hops. It has a crispy taste and a great clean finish. It has light sweetness and medium light bitterness. The beer is brewed with 100% natural ingredients, high quality hops, and the finest malted barley.

8. It’s cold-filtered.

Star Lager Beer uses a special filtering process that cools the beer enough for the yeast molecules to clump together. This makes them easier to remove. An alternative to heated pasteurization, the cold filtering process yields brews with more clarity. It also preserves more of the herbal aromas and earthy flavors, ensuring a complex taste with dynamic layers.

7. You get more for your money.

Unlike a lot of other imports, which are sold in 12-ounce cans, Star Lager Beer comes in 16.9-ounce bottles. With an ABV of 5.1%, that means each bottle has the equivalent of almost 1.5 drinks.

6. It’s a unique treat.

Anyone can serve Corona Extra, Guinness, or Stella Artois at their cookout. Star Lager Beer will truly impress guests, though, because not only does it boast a unique blend of flavors, but it also hails from West Africa. Chances are even the most devoted beer enthusiasts at your party have never tried a brew from Nigeria and will be thrilled at the opportunity.

5. It has stood the test of time.

As of 2021, Star Lager Beer has been around for 72 years. No company can last that long unless they’re doing something right! In the brewery’s case, it’s undoubtedly because they use simple, real ingredients. Additionally, every single bottle they produce undergoes more than 250 quality checks to ensure a consistently exceptional beverage.

4. It’s only rising in popularity.

Do you pride yourself on being a trendsetter? Currently available in select stores, bars, and restaurants across California, Star Lager Beer is just getting started. And if you introduce all your friends to it now, they’re going to thank you when they see it in their home states later. In the meantime, let them know they can order it online.

Star Beer USA

3. It contains wheat-free ingredients.

Have you developed a wheat allergy in recent years? If you’ve been limiting your beer consumption because of that pesky grain that seems to be in everything, have no fear; you should be able to drink Star Lager Beer. Ask your doctor about the ingredients—it contains water, malted barley, hops, malted sorghum, and sucrose—to confirm that you can enjoy it without worry.

2. Star Beer USA is owned by a tenacious woman

When you buy imported Star Lager Beer, you’re supporting a woman-owned business. CEO Chioma May Odiakosa has had remarkable success in the brewing industry and has already gained recognition for her entrepreneurial spirit. Most recently, she was featured at AFRICON 2021.

1. Star Beer USA donates a portion of their profits.

Every time you purchase a bottle of Star Lager Beer through Star Beer USA, you’re supporting cervical cancer research. Odiakosa donates 5% of her company’s profits to reputable organizations in memory of her sister Ngozi Okaka, who lost her battle with cancer in 2019.

Ready to crack a cold Star Lager Beer and enjoy the crisp apple goodness rounded out with hops and barley? Find a store that stocks it near you, or place an online order today!